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The ISIS style execution video starts with the prisoners being interviewed and confessing their crimes. Just like in Islamic State media, each enemy is captured in close-up shots. The story of their crimes is illustrated with overlaid clips of ISIS propaganda showing the atrocities committed by the group.

The footage is produced for maximum effect. It is clear that the ISIS fighters think that they are about to be killed.

They are then taken to the place of their execution and masked Levant front fighters take positions behind them to shot them in the head.

However, instead of carrying out the execution, the fighters take of their masks and drop their guns. A message appears on the screen that reads “Muslims are not criminals”.

A man appears and preaches to the ISIS fighters. He tells them, “this is not what we do”, and “we are not evil.”

The video’s message is directed at both ISIS and its followers, and those in the West who see all Muslims as part of the same violent culture of jihad.