Earlier this week, Baghdad suffered a horrible attack that claimed nearly 300 lives. Now, ISIS strikes again with a suicide bombing, destroying what little sense of security remained in the city.

  • 37 killed, more than 60 wounded in this attack on a religious site

  • Three bombers and gunmen attacked a Shiite mausoleum north of Baghdad

  • The attack occurred on Eid, the feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan


Another devastating attack during Eid in Baghdad has left dozens dead, and even more injured. This time, the attach was just outside of Baghdad, in the town of Balad, which was 58 miles north of Baghdad. The ISIS terrorists struck a Shia mausoleum, the Mausoleum of Sayid Mohammed bin Ali al-Hadi, which has further inflamed fears that sectarian violence is returning to Iraq, as more and more there are attacks on Shiite Muslims, most notably the attack earlier this week in Baghdad that left 300 dead, most of them Shiite Muslims.


The attack was reportedly carried out by three bombers who are linked to ISIS, killing 37 and wounding more than 60 others. Only two of the bombers were able to detonate their devices; the third was killed before he had the chance to detonate his explosives.

Eid is the festival to mark the end of Ramadan, and what normally is a joyous time has turned dark, as hundreds have been killed in separate attacks during this holiday.


There has been an increasing problem with security in Iraq, and the people have become furious with the leadership, even throwing rocks at the Prime Minister’s motorcade after the last bombing. This attack just further strengthens this issue, and in response to the growing pressure, the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi fired some senior security officials, hoping to placate the masses.


Iraq has become increasingly violent after the advent of ISIS, preying upon the weak state, abusing their poor security in order to massacre Muslims. This further demonstrates that the members of ISIS are not real Muslims. They are monsters who prey on everyone and do not respect the faith that they purportedly support. They have carried out numerous attacks during the holy month of Ramadan, in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Iraq. No true Muslim would do such a thing.