It does NOT stop!

No mercy by Assad or Putin!

No peace!

No protection for the civilian, as demanded by international law and the UN!

Aya is only 8 years old and lives in Talbisa, Syria.

Her family’s house was hit by an air raid, and now the distressing footage of this weeping girl is spread around the world.

On Monday, either Russian or Syrian forces bombed the rebel-controlled town of Talbisa; one of these bombs hit the house of Aya’s family.

See this shocking video below:

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The footage has been aired by activists from the opposition media in Talbisa, showing Aya receive care in hospital. This video has now gone viral and al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya are showing the video in their newscasts meaning millions have seen it.

  • The town before the war was home to around 30,000 people, now the UN estimates that more than 80,000 people live there, most of whom have tried to flee from the Assad regime.
  • Since the start of the war more than 400,000 people have died in the fighting or killed by air raids. Aya and the rest of her family were lucky on Monday as her Mother, Father and three siblings were all injured in the attack, but all survived.

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