• We’ve heard about it over and over again- China is zooming towards becoming one of the world’s greatest economic powers. It is bound to happen soon.
  • However, China also seems prepared to become a world leader in space missions. Now the nation sent out astronauts into space for the sixth time: in order to complete maintenance duties and conduct scientific experiments.
  • China aims to land a space probe on Mars in 2021; manned landing on moon in 2024

The spaceship “Shenzhou 11” which was launched into space, had two astronauts on board. Here’s a video of the astronauts in space:

It was launched from the Jiuquan base, located on the edge of the Gobi desert in northwest China. The spaceship successfully docked in Chinese space laboratory “Tiangong 2.” It is indeed impressive that China has managed to launch several successful space missions – is it possible that it is aiming to become the most powerful country in space?

It definitely seems to be the case. As China has already sent out six manned space missions, it has completed the prerequisites to have a dedicated Chinese space station, which would be complete around 2024. If this is the case, and if the International Space Station does make special room for China: then China will become the only country to have a permanent outpost in space.

Here’s what the buzz on social media says:

Together with the ambitious plans for space exploration including Mars and the moon, it definitely seems that China is all set to conquer space!

Image credit: Nasa’s Earth Observatory/flickr