Since the „Máximo Líder“ Fidel Castro has handed his office to his brother Raúl Castro he changed his uniform into jogging suits from Adidas. Just recently at the Congress of the Communism Party of his country he wore a blue suit with white stripes. But is he now supporting the capitalism company from Herzogenaurach (Germany)?

He now is more an elder dress-man, than a brutal dictator, nevertheless he is oppressing any political opposition still. He is the super model for German sport manufacture Adidas. He loves them, no suit, but a tracksuit meeting VIPs in Cuba. Adidas spokesman Katja Schreiber told the German newspaper SZ: „There are no contracts with Fidel Castro.“ But Adidas dressed the Cuban Olympic Team for decades till 2012. Already before Fidel Castro used the tracksuits from the fund and „probably now again“ said Schreiber.

Lets take a look at the history from the company.

  • Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler (everyone just called him Adi) in 1949. Before he and his older brother Rudolf Dassler had discrepancies and so they split. Both of them founded there own companies: Rudolf Dassler founded Puma, Adi Dassler Adidas (named after him).
  • The younger Dassler has always been the one who supported the sport and their athletes. At the Olympic games 1936 they dressed the american gold medal winner Jesse Owens even they were member of the NSDAP. For Dassler it was about the sport not about politics.
  • In 1954 the German national football team won the world championship in Adidas shoes and so the company became a global brand.

Till today they dress different sport teams and athletes. Adidas has also contracts with musicians, actors and more people who are influencers. But at first there is still the sport.

So they also supported the Cuban Olympic Team. For the company the politics are not interesting, just the athletes and the sport teams count. So if Castro still has some tracksuits left from the Olympic Team why shouldn’t he wear it? Even he still hates capitalism and especially the U.S. he is just a normal human being. And if there is something for free why not take it and wear it?

After his surgery in 2006 and the consequence to hand his office to his brother Fidel Castro was seen not only in Adidas suits also in Fila suits. Seems since he retired he just got more comfortable.