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Kids are really incredible things. They are proof that people are shaped by the environment that they are raised. People are not born to be monsters, they become them through their environment. ISIS has done a lot with this philosophy, preparing children in training camps, and now even smartphone apps.

The fighters in Gaza have done the same. A kindergarten in the Gaza strip had a school play, where children were imitating setting up bombs, kidnapping Israeli soldiers and firing missiles.

The video starts with children taking toy weapons and practicing their military movements, crawling and getting into firing positions. They then demonstrate setting a bomb in the next scene, and loading a mortar tube to launch missiles. The next scene shows them practice a breach and entry to a residence and capture a soldier. For a brief second, the Israeli flag is visible on the door. The choreography of this is frightening, as it truly demonstrates how much these kids are forced to practice.

When you see the faces of these children, one thing is clear: they do not understand what is going on. They are acting in a play, and following their families and teachers, and doing what they are told.


Is peace possible? Through the right strategy, leaders believe that there is still a chance.