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Visual, modern news with a responsive mobile design, available on all social media platforms. is a fresh political magazine about U.S. policy and foreign affairs.

We already have more than 100 reporters from 34 countries.

Now more than 100,000,000 unique visitors in a month, 45 % from the US, 25 % from Canada, 20 % from the UK.

We have set up global networks of bloggers, students and people within politics as well as journalistic enthusiasts in all regions of the world. Our people are on the ground investigating whenever some- thing big happens. Our aim is to have 200 reporters, providing insightful news reports.

50 percent of our content is focused on U.S. policy- including the Presidential campaigns prior the elections in November 2016. The other 50 percent are focused on covering foreign policy topics of importance on a worldwide scale.

Globalo is not mainstream but instead digs deeper and looks beyond the surface for the real stories. We do not follow any political ideology but rather pride ourselves with in- dependent and investigative journalism. Globalo is reaching out to a young, global audience with an interest in unbiased reporting on politics.

Our audience will receive cherry-picked political content. What distinguishes us from other news out- lets is that we will never just give you the bad news but we will delivery positive stories and action for change!

Today most media still re-produces the same old stories and pictures again and again – simple, boring tea-bag-journalism. We stand in opposition to that old way of reporting.

We want to provide you with interesting news, focused on positive stories. The stories we want will touch your hearts, minds and imagination.

Globalo combines the best content, technology and distribution capabilities to connect a global audience with good stories, pictures, videos and ideas.

We are more focused on politics and reaching a younger audience with our content being available on all social media platforms and making use of the best, most innovative design.

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