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Malala Youzafzai responds to a question posed by Globalo and World Security Network Founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann during the Nobel Peace Prize press conference in Oslo December 2014.

How do we promote tolerance globally, with more respect to women, children, and ethnic minorities?
In her answer the laureate highlights the importance of schools and urges us all to help with providing quality education for those, who so far have no access to it.

Malala made clear that simply going to school is not enough. We also need to keep an eye on what actually gets taught there:

“Sometimes you see that children are in school, but when you open their books, the things that are written there are totally racist and always have a negative response to other religions and other countries. So I think we need to look a the education system and what we teach our children.”

Everybody should promote more tolerance, including the media.