America had only one real good friend in this important region and in the fight against the brutal Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh): the Kurdish population of 5.5 million and its 300,000 Peshmerga fighters in Kurdistan-Iraq.

This is the reason why President Obama and Vice President Biden like the Kurds and welcomed their long-time president Masoud Barzani (center left) in the White House on May 5, 2015 (pictured).

Now Washington has lost this only true friend, GLOBALO was told exclusively by the inner circle. The Kurds do not trust the Americans any more. They feel misused, and without enough protection.

The leadership in Erbil now hopes that Donald Trump will win, and not Hillary Clinton, as she would continue the wrong naive policy of the United States in Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East.

The top leadership of the Kurdish Regional Government describe the loss of their love for the USA in dramatic words:

  • The situation in Iraq and for the Kurds is “worse than before the US invasion of 2003.”
  • The US presidents Bush and Obama and their administrations have “handed Iraq over to Iran as a free present on a silver plate.”
  • America has mismanaged Iraq for 13 years, from 2003 until 2016.
  • Washington was and still is “naive and has no wise plan.” The Americans invested more than 1,300 billion dollars, lost over 4,424 soldiers, 32,000 more were wounded. America did “the dirty work”, but at the end, only Iran profited in the region. A huge geopolitical mistake by two US presidents.
  • Haider al-Abadi, the current Prime Minister of Iraq since 2014, “has nothing to say.” Behind him is still the former (Shi’ite) Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (2006 – 2014), who is responsible for the rapid rise of the IS since few years. He is aligned with the radical Shi’ite mullahs in Tehran. Al Maliki pushed the Sunnis and Kurds into a corner and erected a Shi’ite dictatorship, contrary to the more federal constitution of Iraq.

What went so wrong?

  • The Americans were celebrated as liberators in 2003 by a majority of the people in Iraq. Step by step, they lost this image and changed from friends to enemies, especially for the Sunni population.
  • Washington’s man Paul Bremer acted “naive and arrogant” as administrator, but other American officials did as well. His de-Ba’athification order has hoovered up to 100,000 Iraqis. They lost their honor and turned into enemies over night. Now many support IS in Iraq. Bremer and the Bush White House paved the road for the Islamic State.
  • America gave the Shi’ite majority all the power to rule Iraq and did not protest enough against the discrimination of Sunnis and Kurds. The Kurdish city of Kirkuk was not given back to the best friends of America in 2003. Instead, the Shi’ite government placed more of its majority there to rule this oil city.
  • All money and weapons still go to Baghdad and never reach the Kurds. The government just lies to naive American diplomats.
  • Erbil hasn’t paid the 300,000 Peshmerga fighters the salaries for months. No weapons reached them to fight the IS.
  • This still continues. The Kurds do not have enough weapons to fight the IS. It is blocked by Baghdad. The Kurdish administration has to feed many Arab refugees as well. Due to all problems and the low oil prices, the government has no money left.
  • Instead of a clear federal structure and the protection of rights for the Kurds and the Sunni minority, now only Shi’ites dominate. The central government in Baghdad ignores the autonomy of the Kurds and the rights of the Sunni minority and cements a Shi’ite state.
  • The Islamic State is the product of wrong American foreign policy since president George W. Bush in 2003, and it was never improved by Hillary Clinton when she became Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. The US and all Western powers supported al-Maliki, the man of Iran, and he destroyed and separated Iraq. He wants to save a Shi’ite dominated Iraq. Too many Sunnis were imprisoned or killed. They turned to the IS for help. With a wrong approach, Washington pushed them into the arms of the Islamic State.

What to do now?

  • Washington, Germany, and all Western capitals must directly support the Kurds with weapons and one billion dollars in cash to pay the 300,000 fighters against the IS. No more going through Baghdad any more.
  • The US should station 5,000 to 10,000 special forces on the old airport in Erbil to demonstrate they stand with their allies.  Clinton just declined to send ground forces to Syria, what about Iraq? The White House has lost its face in Iraq. While Russian President Putin stands with his ally Assad in Syria as well in bad times, Obama and the State Department have abandoned their best friend in the region, the Kurds, in reality. There are no clear political actions, no convincing plan, and no political will to stand by them. Naively they fund everything through Baghdad, the door to disaster.
  • The US needs a clear fresh new 500 pages-plus plan for Iraq and to defeat IS, something the global World Security Network has promoted since months.
  • Soon the very important city of Mosul will be “freed” by the Iraqi troops. The Kurdish leadership fears the worst. “The Sunnis live better under the IS than under the Baghdad Shi’ite rulers. What will happen? Will the Shiites kill, torture, and jail the Sunnis? We fear an explosion. Now we have a clear front with IS of 1000 kilometers, but after Mosul?” a top-Kurdish politician told GLOBALO.