Yet another round of bad news for Donald Trump. It seems bad news comes in waves, and this weekend is seeming to be nothing but bad news. Trump has had bad weeks before, but it seems this weekend is a new threat to his campaign.

First of all, a leading Republican donor, Charles Koch, came out against Trump. he is not funding the Anti-Trump campaign, but he finds Trump to be a “bad role model”(he felt this way about all the candidates), and Koch came out against Trumps “Muslim registry” plan. This is huge because Koch will contribute around 400 million dollars to the campaigns this election cycle.

To make matters worse, both the Cruz campaign and the Kasich campaign put out statements that they were now going to work together to dethrone Trump from the party front-runner.

So, what happens is that Ted Cruz will spent time campaigning in Indiana, while John Kasich will spend time campaigning in Oregon and New Mexico. They will refrain from attacking each other in these states, and seem to be persuading independent organizations to follow. This is a response to the fact that the only way they can take on Trump is to combine forces, and try to focus individually on areas, so each candidate can win and defeat Trump. It seems that both candidates have realized that their only chances of success is a brokered convention, so they are trying desperately to avoid Trump winning the nomination.



What did Trump have to say about this?

Clearly Donald Trump is not happy, but he always seems to maintain confidence, and that shows with his response to the news. His campaign doesn’t seem to see this as a problem, but maybe that is just what it looks like on the outside. Maybe there is internal turmoil, but as of now that doesn’t matter. Trump still tops the polls going into East Coast Tuesday, with primaries in:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

This idea of joining forces was unexpected, as Cruz and Kasich have been going after each other a lot. But I guess they took a look, and realized that sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and this holds true today.