Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan was detained at Los Angeles International Airport on August 12, 2016.

Here’s what he tweeted:

In 2012, SRK was similarly detained at Newark airport for 90 minutes, apparently for “security” concerns. However, after the Indian embassy intervened, they let him continue his journey without further hassle.

Many people allegedly blamed Islamophobia for SRK’s detention, claiming that many Muslim passengers were usually put through extra security checks.

The incident highlights the concern of rising Islamophobia in America, and worries over whether US airport security is too strict or maybe even discriminatory.

Why was Shah Rukh Khan stopped at the airport?

Interestingly, there seems to be no real justification to explain why SRK was stopped. Nor it is known how long he was detained. In fact, the US ambassador to India seemed to be embarrassed by this gaffe, and apologized on Twitter. SRK replied generously:

It is indeed strange that one of India’s most popular stars is held back for additional security screening at American airports. In fact, SRK jokingly shared how it feels to go through such airport experiences, “Whenever I start feeling arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America. The immigration guys kick the star out of stardom.”

Is it Islamophobia?

Are American airport authorities discriminating towards Muslim passengers? Or is it coincidence that Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is Islamic? Maybe not. In November 2011, authorities frisked India’s former President APJ Abdul Kalam, on-board a flight at New York airport. He was 80 years old at the time of the incident, and his jacket and shoes were taken away for examination for a while. However, when India complained about this incident, Washington apologized about it.

The key point? APJ Abdul Kalam was Muslim too.

People share opinions about Islamophobia at American airports:

It’s time for America to examine whether its airport security screening is discriminating towards minorities.

But at least Shah Rukh Khan can have a laugh about it and catch Pokemon, while understanding the importance of security.

Image credit: Laura Lee Dodly/flickr