Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have gone nowhere since 2014 with both sides refusing to open discussions, but a new report can provides hope. The U.S., prime benefactor of Israel, has often pushed for renewal of peace talks and outlined sustainable solutions in the new Quartet Report, but the domestic American rhetoric seems to be at odds with the report’s content.


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  • Peace talks collapsed in April 2014, US State Dept. said both sides were unhelpful
  • The Quartet, written by Russia, the EU, and the US, contains 10 recommendations to reverse negative trends and provide a path to peace
  • Recommendations include security coordination between both governments, ending the Israeli policy of settlement construction and expansion, and the reunification of Gaza and the West bank under the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the report’s principles
  • The U.S. State Dept. is proactively encouraging peace negotiations, i.e., refusing to move the embassy to Jerusalem or campaign for an undivided Jerusalem
  • Democrats and Republicans continue to dehumanize Palestine and call an undivided Jerusalem

In GLOBALO influential U.S. Senator Dan Coats (R) demanded to end U.S. support for Palestine, as the PA still supports terrorists with cash and promotes hate in schools.

We showed how in Gaza strip kindergarten children played war.

This hate promotion must stop. Reconciliation must start- in Palestine and in Israel soon. This must include a stop of new settlements in the West Bank and a better live for the Palestians there.

GLOBALO has argued since a meeting with Israel President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem for a long time, that Israel and Palestine need a fresh start, a double strategy of hawk and dove, uzi and olive branch, including reconciliation like in Europe after WWII.