ISIS, the horrid monster preying on the chaos in the Middle East has finally found a new enemy: itself.

An organization always has a point where paranoia gets the better of it, and for the enemies of the organization, this is a dream scenario. What is better than killing ISIS? Finding a way to get ISIS to kill itself. This is what has been happening recently.

When an organization is so loosely organized and grows as fast as ISIS has, members do not all know each other very well, and now that ISIS has had time to think, they are looking around and they dot trust each other since they don’t really know each other anymore. So many factions and groups all joined together, so many foreigners coming to join, and the organization is in chaos.

The US drones trikes have been very effective, and it seems ISIS thinks that the drone strikes were too effective: there must be spies in their ranks helping their enemies.

Recently, numerous top ISIS leaders have been killed including:


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Due to the staggering losses suffered at the hands of drones, and with now vacuums in leadership, fear has taken hold in the ISIS leadership, and they are looking inward, killing each other. In fact in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, ISIS executed 40 of its own who were suspected of being spies. 50 others were killed in Mosul for “inciting internal strife”.12 more were killed for suspected cooperation with Iraqi security forces. The have been tearing at their own eyes for months, with Dutch ISIS fighters executed, and an impending defeat at the hands of the west

One thing is abundantly clear: ISIS is frightened. As death strikes from 30,000 feet above and missiles fall from the heavens, ISIS is wondering how so many missiles hit their marks. And that has them looking inward. Better they look inward than out, and one less ISIS fighter is one less that needs to be taken out by the coalition. So keep the paranoia alive, and the fight will be easier.

How can we defeat ISIS? A number of public figures have detailed their plans:


Image: Flickr