ISIS has threatened the United States that it could be next.

“I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington,” an ISIS fighter declared in a video today.

CIA Director John Brennan said at CSIS the same day:

The deadly attacks in Paris are not “a one-off event” and that officials had “strategic warning about the attacks.”

“It’s not a surprise this attack was carried out, from the standpoint of we did have strategic warning.

We knew that these plans or plotting by ISIL was underway looking at Europe in particular as a venue for carrying out these attacks.

He called the Islamic State an “organization of murderous sociopaths that carries out its criminal and morally depraved actions under bogus religious pretense.”

President Barack Obama said during the G 20 summit in Turkey:  large numbers of U.S. troops on the ground in Syria or Iraq to combat ISIS would be a mistake.