Melania Trump’s recent plagiarized speech has already caused controversy, and it continues. What else has she been untruthful about?

  • Melania’s website claimed she had gotten an undergraduate degree, though she hadn’t.

  • The degree was supposedly in architecture from the University of Ljubljana.

  • The website has been wiped clean but she still can’t escape her lies.

Until one week ago, her website claimed she received a degree before becoming a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Melania, who was raised in a small town in Slovenia called Sevnica, actually left the university after one year to move to Italy and pursue modeling. The website was taken down and now links to the Trump Organization website,

The latest statements:

Mrs. Trump, took to Twitter to explain herself–or, rather, dodge the issue entirely.

In addition to lying on her CV, Melania’s speech at the Republican National Convention had lines from Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech in 2008.

After the controversy over her plagiarized speech, Meredith McIver, a Trump employee, has come forward saying she was the one who unintentionally used Michelle Obama’s lines.