The polls were wrong, but anti-Trump filmmaker Michael Moore says there has never been a time in his life that he has wanted to be proven wrong more than now, as much as in October 2016.

He predicted that Trump would win, and was right.

Moore was one of the very few – and he was right in all his arguments.

His main arguments boil down to 5 core reasons:

  • The ‘Rust Belt Brexit’ – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all will be key swing states that Moore thinks will go to Trump. He predicts what happened in the UK will happen in the USA. It happened like Moore predicted!
  • The Last Stand of the Angry White Man – the “endangered white male” does not like the idea of a woman in office.
  • The Hillary Problem – she is hugely unpopular. Nearly 70% of all voters think she is untrustworthy and dishonest. She represents old politics, nobody is excited to vote for her.
  • The Depressed Sanders Vote – while the enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders was catching on like wildfire, the slightly messy nomination process that endured has left many Bernie supporters feeling jaded. They will not be voting for Trump, but they will also not be dragging 5 other people to the polls, and volunteering for hours on end leading up to the election.
  • The Jesse Ventura Effect – One should not discount the electorate’s ability to be mischievous, or underestimate how many see themselves as closet anarchists, ready to vote against the system. Back in the 90’s Minnesota elected a professional wrestler as their governor – just because they could rebel.

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