Speaking for the first time at a Security Conference, King Abdullah from the very start of his address emphasized his country’s firm ties to the Western led security infrastructure.

Here are the key takeaways


  • He called the ongoing struggle in the Middle East a “3rd World War by other means”, backing up his statement with the fact that actors from all around the world, including the two super powers Russia and the US were involved in the fighting.
  • “We need to acknowledge that DEASH is only part of a global threat“ he said, adding that “failed states, conflict zones, and sectarian devisions have been fertile grounds for this cancer.“
  • Jordan, according to the King “knows better than anyone that no region has been exempt“. In the current refuge crisis “Jordan now host one Syrian for every five Jordanians“
  • Further stressing the importance of international collaboration, the King remarked: “It is time for a new level of global actions. Synchronizing our military and security efforts. Our countries, our international institutions must work collectively as a truly global alliance.“
  • The King recognized the the role moderate Muslims must plain solving many of the problems, we are currently facing in the Middle East: “Muslims have the responsibility and duty to be in the lead against the outlaws of Islam“. But this is an effort which he believes, needs to be as global as the threat.
  • In order to achieve this, the killing in Syria has to stop, the King said, “only by wining this peace can we fight the global threat“
  • In his view, this means supporting the Iraqi government, and granting statehood to Palestine: “Left unresolved the Palestinian conflict could become a global conflict.“
  • One issue was especially close to his heart: the integration of the Balkans into Europe. Stressing that “the Balkans are Europe’s front line in the fight against extremism“, he reminded his audience that they are also “vital to shut out extremists“. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, and Kosovo could then become models of coexistence and tolerance.