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Tunne Kelam,  Estonian freedom fighter and MEP spoke with Globalo to explain Vladimir Putin’s strategy following the annexation of Crimea and what the West can do about it.

According to Mr Kelam, who ranks as one of his countries national heroes following his decade long involvement in the struggle for Estonia’s independence, the only way to confront Russian resurgence is to present the Kremlin with a united front based on the principles of international law.

“The annexation of Crimea was a breach of the agreements made in Helsinki in 1975”, Mr Kelam said, “the nonviolation of borders is a basic principle of our stability in Europe”.

Mr Kelam thinks Ukraine is crucial, “because if we succeed in having an independent Ukraine, able to make social and economic reforms and to get rid of corruption, this means there is also hope for Russia” who’s problems largely stem from the same heritage of Soviet Communism.