After apparently German secret services and special police  have prevented a terror attack in Berlin, new details came out:

The 34 year-old Algerian Farid A and his 27 year old wife were sent with two small children via the Balkan route as refugees by the IS-chief-planner to prepare attacks Paris-style in Germany.

He had connections with one of the Paris-attackers from November 13th and was trained in Syria by the Islamic State.

According to security circles, the suspects were known to be affiliated with the Islamic State (IS, ISIS or Daesh) since 2015.

Media speculate they wanted to attack the Alexander Platz (photo) in the center of the German capital next to the “Alex” TV tower.

A 35 years old North African man posing as a refugee was arrested this morning along with an Algerian woman. He had entered Germany through the Balkans, were many refugees enter the EU without proper controls of their identity.

The man has proven connections to ISIS, and radical Islamist circles in Belgium. He had entered Germany on a forged passport. Several of his contacts were either arrested or put under close surveillance.


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A second 49 year old Algerian man was arrested this morning in coordinated raids. The police located two other Algerian men they were looking for in Berlin and Hannover. For now, they were not formally taken into custody.

Next to the men’s apartments in two separate refugee shelters, a newspaper stand and a bakery were searched.

Hundreds of police were mobilized in Germany’s capital, as information pointed towards a possible attack on Check Point Charlie, the historical military border checkpoint between East and West Berlin.
Two of the attackers on Paris, Ahmad Almohammad und Mohammad Almahoud, had also entered Europe disguised as refugees.

Already on New Years Eve, a terror warning shook Munich, Germany’s second largest city.

In the direct aftermath of the Paris Attacks, a soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was abruptly canceled.