What is the first rule of being a secret agent? DON’T TELL ANYONE! The most important part is being secret, that is how you can blend in and infiltrate enemy groups. The Russians have been good at this in the past with their experience in the Cold War, but now it seems they are slipping.

  • New Russian FSB graduates parade through the city in a fleet of G-Wagons

  • They uploaded a video to YouTube, showing their faces

  • A list circulated online with their names

Apparently, the Russian FSB completely forgot to teach their new trainees that secrecy and discretion are the two most powerful tools for a secret service agent. The newest batch of graduates decided to make a video showing how cool they are, and they decided to all show their faces! They made a very cool video of them driving around Moscow in a fleet of Mercedes G-Wagons, showing them smiling and excited. Additionally a list of all their names is circulating around the Internet.

The video was met with outrage from the FSB director Alexander Mikhailov who said this was “a betrayal of the interests of the service in full. Nobody knows where these boys will serve. As one can picture, in fact, already members of the FSB, put it in the net?!”

The FSB also spoke out against these new graduates for driving very unsafely on the roads of Moscow and endangering the public.

This incident really highlights the issues with the younger generation and their desire to share everything. This can be harmless for many people, but when you work in an industry where secrecy is critical, this desire to share information can prove bad for your career. Oversharing is becoming a big concern for agencies that rely on secrecy, and they have tried to lock down the use of social media for their employees.

So, please think before you post, or you may end up regretting it later on.


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