This story is definitely a lesson to be careful when handling explosives in a court room.

In Pakistan, earlier this month, an explosive device detonated in a court room which injured three people. The court was an anti-terrorism court, that was putting a suspected terrorist on trial.

One piece of evidence was the explosive device recovered. The attorney for the accused was arguing that the device was too complex, and that his client was not capable of detonating the complex device.

The police then went to demonstrate how easy it was to operate, showing the judge how simple it was. 

Standard procedure is to disarm all explosive devices before they are submitted as evidence in a trial, but it seems like this one made it through accidentally. The main explosive was disarmed, but the small charge on the detonator was not disarmed, which is why so few were injured in a confined blast such as this.

The police officer, Liaquat Ali, pulled the pin and the device exploded in the court room. No one was killed, but some were injured, and the court was shut down for a day. Police and paramilitary forces responded immediately, as they feared that this was a terrorist attack.

According to the authorities, Ali will be punished for his negligence. But it is safe to say that if you pull the pin on an explosive device,bad things will happen.