Seemingly showing no mercy or wherewithal, Donald Trump has ramped up his feud with the former Miss Universe again, calling her “disgusting”.

Rival presidential candidate Hillary Clinton first referenced Machado in Monday night’s debate, and since then has put out an ad starring Machado, revealing more details about how Trump had bullied her after she gained weight, adding to known comments Trump had made about her, calling her “Miss Piggy” and “eating machine” and “Miss Housekeeping”.

After the ad went viral, Trump doubled down on his sentiments telling “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday that she was “the worst [Miss Universe] we ever had. She was impossible”.

Then on Wednesday he bizarrely tried to claim that he was actually helping Machado because Miss Universe officials wished to fire her because she was gaining weight. A narrative that the Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway continued to push throughout the week.

By Friday Trump had increased the pressure, referencing her “disgusting” past and sex tape:

While this is certainly not unusual behavior for Trump; that is to say he never apologises, and seems completely oblivious – not only about the people who he could directly offend, but also to the toll that will take on his electability. Especially amongst women.

Hillary Clinton had the following to say:

Why he continues to tread in these treacherous waters, only he knows.

Whenever Trump starts his tweets at 3am at night, he shows his real unlimited temper, top aggressiveness, thin skin and bad style: What a commander in chief with his finger not on a mobile, but the atomic button!