Donald Trump has a love-hate relationship with the media. Here’s a video which highlights the weaknesses of Trump’s political campaign:

As news and media channels expose the truth of Trump’s politics, it is no wonder that he has banned several media outlets. These are newsrooms which, according to Trump, are unfair. Therefore, he has banned them from attending his campaign events.

These are part of Trump’s media blacklist:

  • BuzzFeed
  • The Huffington Post
  • Politico
  • The Washington Post

Experts are worried that this could result in biased coverage of Trump’s politics, while some others feel it’s a logical response by Trump.

Trump bashes New York Times on Twitter

Earlier, Trump expressed his displeasure at being criticized by a New York Time article. This is what he posted on Twitter:

Meanwhile, this was a Twitter user’s response to Trump’s opinion:

During a rally in Fairfield, Connecticut on August 14, 2016, Donald Trump made quite negative remarks against the media. He said, “the newspaper is going to hell. Maybe we’ll start thinking about taking away their press credentials,” he said. “When they write dishonest stories we should be a little bit tough.”

Is this a sign that Trump will clamp down on the freedom of information if he comes into power? Media is the most powerful tool to engage voters and share political information, and political candidates should not be able to manipulate how their persona is presented in the media.

If Trump wants to be praised by news channels, he should focus on making his political campaign worthy of appreciation. Banning media outlets from attending or covering his campaign events, cannot stop Trump’s truth from being shared with the world.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore