The reclusive country of North Korea has come forward with a statement that glorifies the positions of Donald Trump.


Usually, it is a blessing when someone comes out to support your bid for president. It is always great for a campaign when an opinion-maker voices their support for a candidate, however sometimes support can be bad, and Trump seems to attract the worst of them all. In February, former leader of the KKK, David Duke, came out in support of Trump (not giving a formal endorsement however), and in April a KKK “Imperial Wizard” voiced his support for the candidate as well. These are times when support can actually be detrimental to a candidates campaign.


The Trump campaign has again garnered support from the wrong crowd, this time from North Korea. That’s right, North Korea supports Donald Trump’s positions.

In a piece published in the news outlet DPRK Today, the reclusive nation said that Trump was a “wise politician” with “a sense of foresight”. The piece did not discuss all of Trump’s policies, but focused on his stance in the Korean Peninsula.


Trump believes:

  • South Korea should pay 100% of costs associated with the US troops stationed there.
  • He wants to engage in talks with the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un.
  • He wants to stay out of Korean affairs. If war breaks out, he would not necessarily come to South Korea’s aid.

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As Globalo has previously reported, these positions are misguided and show a complete lack of understanding of geopolitical conditions. North Korea has supported these positions of Trump because they feel that “it is a way to immediate unification”. Since the South would not think of attacking the North outright, this is clearly a war cry, saying that if the Americans leave the Korean Peninsula, the North will be more likely to attack.

What do the other candidates think about North Korea?

Bernie Sanders, who is still hanging on, he would choose to go the diplomatic route, applying pressure on China. he does not address his policy directly as to how to lean on China, and since he is absolutely anti-militaristic, it is hard to see how he would handle the situation on the Korean Peninsula. He is very worried about “isolated countries”, but he does not discuss how leaning on China would make the country less isolated.

The editorial talks about Hillary Clinton’s policies, and that North Korea fears that Hillary will do more of the same, which is sanctions. piece says that if that were the case, the US could expect more aggression from North Korea as a response. The author tries to paint North Korea as a rational state actor that is only acting out because we have painted them into a corner. Turns out they think Donald Trump will let them loose, and that is most certainly a bad thing.


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