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Dr David Belk has spent the past decade researching a problem in the healthcare system. He was concerned with these exorbitant hospital fees, and really went deep to investigate what was going on. People will argue all the time that hospital bills are so high because so many uninsured people do not pay their hospital bills, that people default all the time, and that malpractice costs are through the roof, but Dr Belk has shown that this is simply untrue.

The insurance companies and the hospitals are predictably acting in their best interests, but the end customer’s interests are not considered in that equation. These excuses of malpractice costs and unpaid bills make up less than 2% of the hospital costs, so why are their profits soaring? Dr Belk looks through the eye of a case that went viral last year, where a person posted their hospital bill, which was for 55,000 dollars for a simple appendectomy. It turns out that the insurance companies and the Hospitals work out agreements beforehand for costs that are then passed on to the consumer. So while the insurance only paid around 7,000 dollars for the surgery (with the remaining 11,000 to be paid by the patient), they claimed that they paid 43,000.