U.S. President Barack Obama reversed his previous plan and said he would leave 5,500 US forces in Afghanistan beyond January 2017.

After Taliban attacks on Kunduz, the Pentagon pushed for more troops to stay.

9,800 American troops will remain until the end of 2016.

“This isn’t the first time those adjustments have been made, this probably won’t be the last,” Obama said. “I suspect we will continue to evaluate this going forward, as will the next president.”

The American soldiers work as advisors to the Afghan National Forces (ANF), not as active fighting units.

The Taliban attack on Kunduz showed a bad performance and ignorance of the three commanding levels on ANF. The commanding officers were celebrating holidays and did not lead their soldiers.

In Iraq ISIS took over control in large parts, after the Americans left and the Iraqi forces were in disarray.

But mainly the Bush-administration failed to establish a stable federal order in this country, which protects as well the rights of the Sunni minority versus the Shia majority. This was promoted by Senator Joe Biden. Bagdad snubbed them out of power and as well joined Shia Iran as new friend. Therefore several Sunni tribes started to support ISIS. And many frustrated senior members of the former party of dictator Saddam Hussein, kicked out of office after 2003. Two major political mistakes that lead to a ‘lost victory’ of the United States in Iraq.

Photo: The White House