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When Daesh (as well called IS/ISIS/ISIL) arrived, their motives were clear. Time and time again the radicals from the “Islamic State” had stated that they won’t allow religious minorities to exist in their “caliphate”. The events that unfolded next, would be devastatingly cruel.

The Peshmerga had run away. They did not even leave their weapons behind to give the Yazidis a chance to protect themselves. First mass casualties were reported soon thereafter. Daesh had begun their bloody murder. Nobody was spared. Not old ladies, who were burnt in open fires. Not family fathers, cold-heartedly shot into the head in front of their crying families.

Those that saw a chance to run, made for the protection of the Sindjar mountains. With barely any water or food, they held out for days and weeks. In the dangerous but familiar terrain, small Yazidi militias were able to protect their people from Daesh fighters whose heavy weaponry could no longer reach them in their hideouts.

Abandoned by the Peshmerga, and with no help coming from Turkey, or the West, the Yazidis were trapped in the mountains. Daily, people died of thirst, died of hunger. They would not be able to hold out much longer. Then, after a period of tremendous suffering, finally an unlikely ally came to the rescue…