New racy photos of Melania Trump have just been published by the New York Post.

  • Melania Trump  modeled for the January 1996 issue of France’s Max Magazine, hugging naked in a bed with another woman.

  • Liberal Americans and Europeans wouldn’t see the photos as a problem. But the photos are seen by many in the conservative GOP as immoral or offensive.

  • Though, some see the objectification of Melania as out-dated and sexist at a time when a woman is running for president of the United States.

  • The Trump campaign thinks the photos are fine.

  • A spokesman for the campaign, Jason Miller, says, “They’re a celebration of the human body as art, and (there’s) nothing to be embarrassed about with the photos.”

  • The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, a super PAC, has filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to get Melania’s records released to the public.

  • You can see the New York Post photos here.

Melania’s Illegal Immigration Controversy

  • The recent photos have caused people to look into her visa status when she came to America.
  • Melania Trump came to the US from Slovenia in the mid 90’s.The photos must be taken before 1996, most probably in 1995..
  • She was working as a model in the US, and certain people are calling into question whether she was working illegally.
  • If she was working illegally, it makes Trump look like a hypocrite.
  • Taking into account Trump’s stance on immigration, the idea that his own wife may have been working illegally as an immigrant is a funny prospect.
  • Melania has said previously that she has to return to her home country frequently to get her visa renewed, which wouldn’t have been the case if she were on a valid H1-B work visa. It is possible that she was working illegally as a paid model in the US in 1995 only with a B-1 6 month tourist visa in her passport. She needed a H1-B work visa instead.
  • Visa fraud is a federal crime. It can even result in the revocation of US citizenship.So the First Lady no American?
  • Trump and the government should strip the cover and make her visa files public now, to know the naked truth. Should be not a problem at all to provide her H 1-B work visa in copy for 1995 to the American people and the GOP- if there is any.
  • By the way: she is a great character, not only good looking, but very smart too. Maybe she could make Donald look a little more human in the future, more friendly and open for people from other countries too.

Photo Credit: New York Post