To look behind the closed doors of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, you do not have to be the NSA, aiming with electronics from the top of the U.S. Embassy at Pariser Platz near the famous Brandenburg Gate only a mile away.

You just need a CDU friend who talks with her, to know what the “Person of the Year 2015”  really thinks about the more than one million refugees now in Germany.

Why she does not want to limit the flow- like her partner, the CSU from Bavaria –  to just 200,000 a year.

Why she wants to “reduce” with a “European solution” (But how, and how quick?)

Just listen to her, behind Berlin’s closed doors.

She has two moral arguments.

First, Merkel told that she does not want to look into the eyes of the children, when you tell them to stay out of Germany or must go back home.  “It is our moral responsibility to help them”, she says.

Actually this happened July 16, 2016, when the nice 14 years old girl Reem Sahwill from Palestine told her in front of the public and TV cameras in a town-hall-meeting in Rockstock, with tears in her eyes, she has to leave and wants to stay with her family in Germany. The Chancellor was criticized, when she told Reem in her typically cold manner “Some have to go back”, but later arranged the family can stay. So one refugee girl changed the way the Chancellor thinks and acts.

Second, she is using another argument, never in the public, but in private meetings: Germany has a heavy moral responsibility from the past Nazi-time. By letting so many refugees in, her country pays back and reduces the moral debt.

These are her moral mantras.

The realities are something different. 

Germany hardly can handle the more than one million refugees from 2015, and never another million this year. There are not enough capacities left. No housing, not enough jobs. Needed are teachers for 300,000 children and kindergarten for another 100,000 young. The costs are estimated at more than € 17 billion.

Sweden and Danmark just started border control again. There are too many. Most Eastern European countries will block taking more emigrants from the Islamic countries. Merkel still wants a “fair distribution in the EU” and a European solution, but this  is a Mission Impossible.

Berlin insiders tell another story of Angela Merkel, who is famous of coolness and not emotions.

She has three personal, cold arguments not to stop the refugee tsunami now.

First, she wants to keep open the option for a first coalition with the Green Party in September next year in the federal elections. They are for open doors forever.

Second, she hates to be confronted with nasty TV pictures at the borders.

Third, she loves to push problems forward into the far future. Quick actions and master plans, like done by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, are not in her genes. She is more Helmut Kohl-like, sitting relaxed in the Chancellery and wait that the problems disappear. This is something you needed in the communist GDR to survive. Therefore she is not pushing for a quick grand master plan to do what is needed to integrate the one million refugees and rapid actions. Her style is slow, step by step by step, and nobody dares to push Mutti Merkel. Maybe she even decided not to run again for office next year, as some are speculating?