In the infancy of Trump’s presidency it’s becoming clear that Trump is keeping his promises, but perhaps not in the way that some of his voters might have thought – were they to take a critical look at this administration’s actions.

Unfortunately this is no longer an election campaign, or a reality television series. Now we are playing with live ammo and while issues like the environment are about ready to implode, even what Trump’s supporters thought would be good for the country is starting to turn sour.

Here, Globalo analyses 10 common reasons why Trump supporters voted the way they did, and how that is working out so far.

  1. Because Clinton was going to be in Wall Street’s pocket

During the election cycle reports surfaced about Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks and large donations from these organisations.

While this is true, Trump is engaging Wall Street in a far more dangerous manner. He wants to repeal the Dodd-Frank act and simultaneously eliminate the Fiduciary Rule, which would allow the bankers to return to their pre-2008 ways.

The Dodd-Frank act tries to reduce exposure to risky financial products and to prevent the need for hundreds of billions of dollars in bank and insurance bailouts. Trump has signed an executive order requiring the US Treasury secretary to submit possible regulatory changes and legislation to modify Dodd-Frank within the next four months.

Republican lawmakers have called the law “burdensome”. Wall Street is rejoicing, so is Rex Tillerson.

  1. Because of Clinton’s email scandal

During the campaign Trump went on ad nauseam over Hillary Clinton’s private email servers, despite an FBI investigation that cleared her of any wrongdoing.

However, it has now emerged that Donald Trump’s senior White House staff including Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon all use a private RNC email server – the same server that once mysteriously vanished 22 million messages during George W Bush’s administration, and one that the US Intelligence community believes was compromised at the same time as the DNC’s.

Trump also still uses the incredibly outdated Samsung Galaxy S3, which is incredibly vulnerable to hacks.

  1. Because of “pay for play” allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation

Unproven allegations of “pay for play” have marred the good work of the Clinton Foundation worldwide and simultaneously tarnished the reputation of those involved.

However, Trump has refused to wall off his businesses from his administration and can still personally profit from payments from foreign governments in a multitude of ways. They can approve development for real estate projects at a fraction of the price, or invest in deals that Trump is already invested in.

Trump can also not un-see his current investments, leaving the door wide open to potential conflicts of interest such as the decision to push forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline, all the while with Trump invested in the operator.

  1. Because of Benghazi

Despite a two-year, $7m investigation with over 80 witnesses conducted by a House select committee producing an 800 page report exonerating Clinton of responsibility for the tragic events in Libya, Trump and other Republican supporters furiously blamed Clinton for the events that transpired.

Yet only in Trump’s first week did he order a raid in Yemen, with insufficient intelligence (from 10 years ago) that resulted in the deaths of 25 people including 11 women and children, and US Navy SEAL Ryan Owens. Meanwhile Trump was tweeting about “fake news” and hosting a lavish White House dinner.

  1. Because Clinton didn’t care about “the little guy”

Seen as part of the political elite, Clinton has a hard time relating to the regular folk. They instead gravitated toward Trump believing he was fighting for their cause. Trump promised to “drain the swamp”.

Trump has since appointed a cabinet full of billionaires and political elites, and has simultaneously taken away health insurance for millions in order to give his own people a multi-million-dollar tax break.

  1. Because Trump was going to build a wall and have Mexico pay

Trump campaigned heavily on a promise to build a “beautiful” physical border wall between Mexico and the U.S. – he also said over and over again that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Of course Mexico have denied that they will pay over and over again, but Trump is continuing with his plan with American taxpayers paying upfront, and reimbursement coming from increased prices for American consumers due to import tariffs levied on Mexican imports.

  1. Because Clinton was going to get America into a war

Trump has not only alienated allies like Australia and Mexico, but he has agitated enemies and those with whom the U.S. is beginning to restore relationships with, like Iraq and Iran. These countries are crucial in the fight against ISIS and other terror groups on the ground, actions such as the executive order ban on immigration from these countries only serves as an insult and provides fundamentalists with decades worth of recruiting material.

  1. Because Clinton lacked the stamina

After all the talk of Hillary Clinton being too weak for the job and Trump having stamina, it appears as though the abrupt end to the call with Australia’s Prime Minister at 5pm was because “it was the end of a long day, he was tired and fatigue was setting in”. It’s also come to light that Trump spends the hours of 6am to 9am watching cable news television.

  1. Because foreign leaders wouldn’t “respect” Clinton

Foreign leaders, both friend and foe, have mocked Trump. His decision to take a call from Taiwan and circumvent the One China policy has angered the Chinese. The Mexican President has cancelled meetings with Trump and tension is rising over controversial topics. Australian Prime Minister Turnbull was engaged in a dysfunctional and tense discussion. British Foreign Secretary Boris Jonhson has called Trump’s order “divisive, discriminatory and wrong”.

From Iran the response has been altogether more hostile, “It is not for the first time that a naive person from the U.S. poses threats to Iran,” said Ali-Akbar Velayati, foreign adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. According to Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency, Velayati said: “The U.S. will be the final loser.”

  1. Because Trump “tells it like it is” and Clinton lies

The Trump administration has begun with an unprecedented barrage of lies and mistruths. Everything from the “alternative facts” presented by the White House Press Secretary to flat out lies about voter fraud.

The lies themselves are not as damaging as those who believe them, those who continue to defend the indefensible, handing the demagogue his power.