Religion can help save the world from climate change!

In a partnership with the German government, Morocco’s Ministry of Islamic affairs is paying for 70% of the cost of a program to move toward a cleaner energy future in the country.

Mosques are a central part of life in Morocco, and going green will bring clean energy to the forefront of discussions among the people.

Morocco has about 15,000 mosques around the country so switching to green energy will have a big impact if rolled out to all mosques.

  • The first mosques to “go green” will be in bigger cities like Marrakech, Rabat, Fez, and Casablanca.
  • By the end of this year, 100 of the 600 mosques in the scheme will have implemented green measures.
  • The remodeling will include LED lights, photovoltaic cells, and solar thermal water heaters.
  • The remodels will be so energy efficient that they will practically pay for themselves.
  • The green changes will save 40% on electricity usage!

Hakima el-Haité, Morocco’s environmental minister, said that “It is very important for Muslim countries to come back to their traditions and remind people that we are minuscule as humans before the importance of the earth. We need to protect it, and to save humankind in the process.”

The country has a large solar power plant in the Sahara and the largest wind farm in Africa already. This new project will help electricians and technicians get training on more green technologies which can be implemented in homes and business buildings, so Morocco can have an “Energy Transition” just like Germany.