Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are battling it out in the polls lately. Soon they’ll be sparring in the debates. The first presidential debate is September 26th.

Each week, we’ll sum up the candidate’s platform points, so you can get to know the candidates before they speak about their policies in the historic presidential debates.

Here’s this week’s 3 Minute Politics summing up the first part of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine’s campaign platform:

–          ‘Economy & Jobs’ and ‘Education’ are her first points

–          There’s five main points to the economy, and two to education.

–          The economy points include: grants and tax breaks to small businesses; transparency across the country.

–          The education points include: a raise in pay for child care workers, and a vague plan about rebooting training.

–          Watch our video above for more details.

See our video on Trump’s platform here.