With the Iran sanctions being lifted, there is a surge of monumental trade and business opportunities around the globe. Specifically for the United States, this development shows promise for American companies, particularly those in the energy and civil aviation industry. In fact, Iran has already purchased 114 Airbus Jetliners, which reflects the enthusiasm of the country to have booming commercial trade relations with the West. Here’s a roundup of the top ten American Companies which could benefit massively from the lifting of the Iran sanctions.

1. Boeing: With Iran’s resolve to revamp its jetliner fleet, The Boeing Company will have the opportunity to sell civilian aircraft and plane parts to Iran. Industry experts believe that this could mean sales of up to 400 aircraft, amounting to $20 billion in the next decade. However, Boeing would have to compete fiercely with its European competitors to ensure that it taps the demand for airplanes in Iran. The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation which specializes in designing and manufacturing airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites. It is one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers and is the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value. The Boeing Company is headed by President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg, and its corporate headquarters are based in Chicago.

2. Lockheed Martin: Yet another big player in the American aviation industry, Lockheed Martin could tap the grand opportunity that the lifting of the Iran sanctions has caused. In fact, this company could be a great example of how a talented woman corporate leader could spearhead international trade. Led by the extremely capable President and CEO Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s best companies in aerospace, defense, security, and technologies industry. . It was created as a result of the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta in March 1995. The company headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington, DC, area.

3. Rolls-Royce Holdings: If the aircraft builders can cash in on Iran’s new commercial position, then Rolls Royce Holdings is not very far behind, either. Having a thriving business in the United States, this aircraft engine manufacturer could gain significantly from improved trade relations with Iran. Led by Chairman Ian Davis and CEO Warren East, Rolls Royce Holding was originally founded in London, and has a significant presence worldwide, particularly in the United States. Presently, more Rolls-Royce products are built in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. It also has key businesses in the marine propulsion and energy sectors.

4. BNP Paribas: BNP Paribas was earlier slammed with a whopping $9 billion fine by the United States government for purported support to Iran in violating the sanctions – and now with the announcement that the sanctions are lifted, it could herald new hope for this bank. It has always been an important player in the U.S financial industry, and could now further its commercial ambitions with Iran. In 2012, this multinational bank headquartered in Paris, was ranked as the third-largest bank in the world, as measured by total assets, by Bloomberg and Forbes. BNP Paribas has significant retail operations in the United States, with large-scale investment banking operations based in New York.

As Iran possesses the fourth largest proven crude oil reserves and second largest natural gas reserves, lifted sanctions are extremely lucrative for global energy companies. Thus, leading companies in the American oil industry could significantly gain from this development. Here is a concise list of some of the key American players who could stand to benefit from Iran’s oil abundance:

5. Exxon Mobil: Being the world’s 5th largest company by revenue, Exxon Mobil Corporation, better known as ExxonMobil, is headquartered in Irving, Texas. It is an American multinational oil and gas corporation, the largest direct descendant of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company.  It was established on November 30, 1999 by the merger of Exxon- formerly Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and Mobil (formerly the Standard Oil Company of New York).

6. Chevron: Chevron Corporation is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with a global presence spanning across at least 180 countries. As an American multinational energy corporation, it deals with oil, natural gas, and geothermal energy industries, including hydrocarbon exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation.

7. Valero Energy: Valero Energy Corporation is based in Texas, United States. It is renowned as an international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels, petrochemical products and power. It is also one of the largest retail operators in the United States, boasting of a whopping 6,800 retail and branded wholesale outlets in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean under the Valero, Diamond Shamrock, Shamrock, Ultramar, Beacon, and Texaco brands.

8. Shell Oil Company: Shell Oil Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas in the United States. It is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, one of the world’s largest oil multinationals, having Anglo-Dutch origins. About 22,000 Shell employees are based in the U.S. Shell Oil Company is one of America’s topmost oil and natural gas producers, natural gas marketers, gasoline marketers and petrochemical manufacturers.

9. Marathon Petroleum: Marathon Petroleum Corporation specializes in petroleum refining, marketing, and transportation company. The company was initially launched as a subsidiary from the former Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC in 2005. Since 2011, it is a standalone company and is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio.

10. Total: Also based in Houston, Texas since 2000, French company Total operates a refinery at Port Arthur, Texas and operates cutting-edge manufacturing facilities across the United States. As displayed on the company website, Total’s U.S. businesses cover various aspects of the energy sector. Total is involved in Exploration & Production, Refining & Chemicals, Marketing & Services, Natural Gas Trading & Marketing, Crude Oil and Refined Products Trading & Marketing, Specialty Chemicals, and New Energies.


The lifting of the Iran sanctions is just the first step along the path of yet-to-develop trade and commercial relations between the United States and Iran, and possibly there are many more companies which could be added to this list. What remains to be seen though, is how United States-based businesses manage to beat European competition to win the best deals with Iran.