Another bomb in Turkey, one after the other.

Now a bomb in the famous Istiklal shopping street in the heart of Istanbul has killed four people (three from Israel and one from Iran) and injured 36, among them 17 foreign tourists.

Here is the list of the latest terror attacks with 175 people killed:

  • March 2016: 35 people killed in Ankara (small Kurdish militant group).
  • February 2016: 28 killed in military convoy in Ankara.
  • January 2016: 12 German tourists  killed by a IS suicide bomber in Istanbul
  • October 2015: More than 100 people are killed in two suicide bombings at a Kurdish peace rally in Ankar, maybe by the IS.

What is to be done?

  1. Erdogan must re-start the reconciliation process with the radical Kurds and the PKK again, he has stopped two years ago to gain more power for himself. In the interest of the Turkish people. The good ceasefire was broken by Erdogan. Since then 300 Kurdish fighters, 200 civilians and 340 Turkish policemen and soldiers have died. This must be stopped now.
  2. Negotiations should start with the support of Germany and the United States to find a political solution.
  3. More autonomy for the Kurds in Turkey and in Syria make sense. Best practice could be the status of South-Tyrolia in Italy agreed in 1970 with the German majority in the Alps.
  4. Turkey must stop the bombing of the Kurds in Syria. A perversion as they are supported by NATO-co-ally USA and fight against the IS.
  5. Start an open discussion with Erdogan about all aspects of politics, in friendship, including Kurds, PKK, democracy, or ISSee what eminent German politician Rita Süssmuth has to say about it. Until now the White House and Brussels are silent.