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Ben Carson actually thinks that Joseph – you know, the guy from the old testament who saved the Egyptians from starvation by building grain storages that could hold enough of the stuff to last for 7 years – build the Pyramids.

It wasn’t the Pharaohs. It wasn’t even aliens, although Carson sites “scientists”, who think this is a possible explanation. No, it was Joseph, with the help of God of course.

Here is the exact quote from a speech given at a graduation ceremony in 1998.

“My own personal theory is that Joseph build the pyramids to store grain. Now, all the archeologists think they were the Pharao’s graves. But…”

Maybe Mr Carson should have take his own advice. In that same speech he also said:

“Joseph’s big thinking got him into little trouble. He was thinking all you guys are going to bow down to me, you know. And it was OK for him to think that. But he shouldn’t have said it. You have to exercise some wisdom.”

Exactly right, Dr Carson. Sometimes it is better to keep things to yourself.

The Republican Candidate has recently stated that he still believes his Pyramid theory to be “a plausible explanation”.