Mohamed Abdeslam has lost one brother during the Paris attack. 

Brahim Abdeslam blew himself up at a cafe during the attacks, killing many innocent people.

His other brother, Salah was involved as well and is now Europe’s most wanted terrorist.

In an interview with Belgium RTBT he revealed many details about the background of these two ISIS- terrorists and their family lives:

” I’d like to tell him that we aren’t afraid. And that’s why I’m expressing myself in front of the press. We want Salah to surrender. He might bring us answers we’re waiting for. Us, his own family, but also the victims’ families, and all the others who are watching us. We’d rather see Salah in jail than in a cemetery.

After he was arrested Saturday November 14th for 36 hours.

” My release, beyond the fact that the judge believed me, wasn’t only based on my statements. I was able to bring elements that could prove that I wasn’t in Paris during the attacks. I gave my mobile phone and some encrypted objects. I had nothing to hide, and I guess that the judge decided to release me on this basis.”

About his two brothers:
“My brothers do not represent what we all are.

I saw my two brothers for the last time two or three days before their departure.

No, no sign, no farewells, no goodbyes.

My brothers and I were close. I was living with them, we had standard conversations between brothers.

There was a slight change. But this change wasn’t worrying, not for me, nor for my family. When your brother begins to pray, it’s not necessarily a radicalisation. When your brother tells you he’s stopped drinking, it’s not a radical change. These are people who, for us, just wanted to calm down and show more respect in their practice of religion.

They became radicalised. Personally, I wouldn’t use this term. Nowadays, a lot of young people can be easily influenced. I deeply believe that my brothers weren’t radicalised. That’s the reason why we didn’t see anything. I rather feel like my brothers were manipulated.”

On his brother Salah:
“Salah is someone who is very clever. I think that, at the last minute, Salah decided to turn back. Maybe he saw or heard something that he didn’t expect. And he decided not to see the plan through. I have to remind you that today, we are not aware of the latest elements of the investigation, but we do not know yet whether Salah did kill people or not, we do not know if Salah was at the scene of any of the attacks.”