Donald Trump is certainly making rounds in the media this week, for a couple completely crazy stunts and comments. He even went so far as to praise a deplorable dictator.

  • Trump praises Saddam Hussein, deceased dictator of Iraq

  • Trump said Saddam killed terrorists. “He did that so good”

  • Trump praised Saddam’s elimination of human rights in the hunt for terrorists

Donald Trump says some crazy things, but this week definitely takes the cake. A lot of the time, his supporters will defend his claims, saying that the ‘PC culture’ is too retrictive and Trump is just saying what we all are afraid to say.

But this week, Trump supporters find themselves between ‘Iraq and a hard place’ as Donald Trump decided to lay praise on the most awful of awful, Saddam Hussein. That’s right, Trump decided to compliment one of America’s enemies, a man who we went to war to kill.

Saddam Hussein, the now-deceased former dictator of Iraq was a horrible person, killing thousands. He even used chemical weapons to attack his own people, gassing a village and killing five thousand people! And now Trump wants to shower this man with compliments?

Donald Trump was speaking about terrorism in the Middle East, and he lauded the former dictator’s ability to handle (read: murder) suspected terrorists. At a rally in North Carolina, Trump said, “You know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good,. They didn’t read them the rights, they didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over.” So Trump really loves the idea of using terrorism as a reason to completely suspend all civil rights for those who may have been accused of terrorism. A great number of people would be vehemently opposed to this sort of authoritarian tactic, especially in the Democracies of the world, but we will see in November if those people are outnumbered by those who desire safety at all costs and that no price is too high for security.


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Honestly, it is hard to be surprised by Trump anymore, but sometimes he does things that are so insane that you can’t help but sigh in disappointment that this is the person who might lead the nation. Talk about his business acumen all you want, the President is primarily responsible for managing international relationships, and Trump is showing every day that he is incapable of doing that.