Trump messed up yet again on the campaign trail.

One reason that people love Donald Trump is because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He is not always politically correct, and that has gotten him into trouble before. But yesterday, he made a political misstep that could really damage the Republicans.

Trump, like many Republicans, wants to make abortion illegal.

He said that women who get abortions should face punishment.


This doesn’t sound like a big problem for the Republican Party, but it is. The Republicans have always gone after punishing the doctors, not the women. In an issue so hotly contested, image is everything. And it would seriously harm the Republican platform to have photos and stories across international news of a woman thrown in prison because she tried to have an illegal abortion. The image of a distraught pregnant woman in handcuffs would really harm the cause that the republicans are fighting for. This is a major misstep for Trump, because now the Republicans are faced with a difficult question: If they say that abortion is murder, why don’t the women go to jail for getting illegal abortions?


This has caused a commotion in the media and in the political arena as well. Even a fellow Republican candidate came out against trump’s stance. Ted Cruz said, “Once again Donald Trump has demonstrated that he hasn’t seriously thought through the issues, and he’ll say anything just to get attention.”


Mr. Trump reversed his opinion quickly, saying that he feels only the doctor should be punished.

However, this brings up some difficult questions about Mr. Trump. In modern politics, money is so intertwined with the candidates, that it has become a very big issue. However, there is one benefit to that design, and that is that you know what the candidates will stand for because they received money. For example, if the candidate has huge donations from the solar energy industry, you know that the candidate will be supporting solar. But with Trump, he has not taken any major donors. This is inspiring to get money out of politics, but it also means that we cannot be certain where exactly Mr. Trump stands. He is beholden to no one, and as such, we don’t always know what he believes or what he would actually do in office.  If elected, would he try to punish the doctors, or the women who got an abortion?