Donald Trump’s hair is seemingly managed without significant care from the wearer, but yet always manages to grab the attention of the Internet. The controversial Republican presidential candidate’s mop is extraordinary, and the subject of much lore, with some questioning it’s authenticity.

Is Trump’s hair a toupee, a laborious perm, or just a simple blow dry?

The Norwegian television station VGTV now seems to have uncovered the true origin of Trumps hair. They say Trump breeds his hairstyle to copy the wilderness of Norway.

                                           Does Donald Trump grow his hair in Norway?

In Tromsø, Norway, one of the northernmost cities in the world – the TV station has encountered the robust and resilient tussock. The perennial tussock is formed of tufts, and therefore it appears as a single big hairdo. The long roots, more than two meters deep, reach into the soil. So it can find water, where other plants can not survive – like Donald Trump himself seems the tussock indestructible.

For young elephant seals, the clump of a tussock grass is a good hiding spot. During their malting they use it as a natural shelter or to scratch off their excess skin. Many of Tussock tufts are therefore badly damaged by seals.

The stalks are high between 30 and 90 (or even up to 120) centimeters. Although the television VGTV has identified the Trump-like tuft in Norway, they are well distributed throughout the sub-Antarctic area, and line there the coasts where they can be over two meters tall, showing above the waterline.

Since the discovery by VGTV, more and more people are asking themselves: Are there other hair-growing plants? Reporters of Globalo have since searching for the roots of Boris Johnson and Geert Wilders. We will keep you up to date.