Donald Trump and Mark Cuban have always been at odds, publicly. The rather strange public contempt for his fellow billionaire has rather unclear origins, perhaps Trump believed there was only room for one high-profile business-related reality TV show on NBC as the two competed between Shark Tank and The Apprentice.

Trump has consistently called out Mark Cuban on twitter, calling him a weak, boring loser, (in fact, Trump has tweeted about Cuban nearly 50 times) but at the moment he has some slightly more pressing concerns – like Russia and the surrounding chaos that has plunged his administration into heavy turbulence.

At the moment, Michael Flynn is seeking immunity in order to testify – a move that in the past Trump and his people, including Flynn himself, have said repeatedly is akin to admitting guilt. His son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner is also under investigation for his potentially improper connections to Russia during the campaign that may have affected the election outcome.

While efforts have been made by House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz and House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes to dispel any story that may implicate Trump and his team do in fact have mysterious ties to Russia, its evident that this would be the most smoke in history without fire.

Enter Mark Cuban

The never-shy billionaire released a twitterstorm over the weekend explaining his theory on Trump’s involvement – and its entirely reasonable.

Cuban, of course, is not the first observer to theoreticize that Trump the political novice depends heavily on input and advice from around him but lacks any attention to detail that would have been able to pick up on any sinister motives by his team.

But he is, in some way, coming to the defense of Trump, saying that it is not the president that has concocted this evil plan, but instead those around him have created the saga in an attempt to consolidate power.

Trump RussiaThis strategy which has been working for Trump in business may now be the one tainting his political career. Time will tell if Cuban’s take is correct, but even if it isn’t, it would mean that the President of the United States – while not an evil mastermind – is merely a pawn. Neither option is what the American people want, that’s for sure.