GLOBALO presents you the latest news from Brussels and the hunt for ISIS terrorists in Europe- after the deadly attacks:


  • Belgian prosecutors have charged Faycal Cheffou in relation to the attacks with “participation in the activities of a terrorist group, terrorist murders and attempted terrorist murders.”
  • He was arrested last Thursday.
  • He was the third man in an airport CCTV image that showed the two suicide bombers Najim Laachraoui and Brahim el-Bakraoui. Brahim’s brother, Khalid el-Bakraoui, carried out the Maelbeek metro attack.
  • Faycal Cheffou was a free lance journalist.
  • Three other radicals were arrested: Rabah N, charged with participation in the activities of a terrorist group. A Abubakar had been placed under arrest. And Abderamane A., who was detained after being shot in the legs at a Brussels tram stop on Friday.
  • Arrested Salah Abdeslam tries to diminish his role in the Paris attacks in November, more the driver than an active  terrorist. He refers to his older brother, Brahim, as playing the important part in these terror attacks.
    Zaventem – Brussels international airport Zaventem will reopen Tuesday.
  • March against Fear,  which was planned for Easter Sunday, is postponed, as all police is needed to hunt the ISIS terrorists and not protect the large crowd.
  • Belgium has only 600 people in the intelligence agency, but most ISIS radicals per inhabitant in Europe. Needed would be three times as many.There was no master plan of 500 pages to contain Islamists. The more facts we know, the more you can see a total mismanagement of the Belgian security forces and politicians in charge. They were sleeping, having good state dinners and giving nice speeches, while  ISIS was very active, building up a network of terror under their noses, just some kilometers away from their offices.


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