Donald Trump is fond of referring to his political campaign as one that is bringing millions of new, untapped voters to the Republican Party.

What we don’t hear the Trump camp talk about the way the candidate’s campaign is alienating moderate Republicans and independent voters. Trump’s campaign is, undoubtedly, the most divisive Presidential Primary race in decades.

All of that anti-Trump sentiment is finally manifesting itself in the form of mass political movements and anti-Trump organizations from both the political left and right, and it seems to be working.

Let’s take a quick look at what this all of the grassroots activism that Trump’s presidential bid has inspired:

  • There have been roughly 22 (recognized) anti-Trump PACs since the beginning of the presidential primaries;
  • More than $10 million have been used in attack ads in Florida and Illinois—from his own party;
  • Thousands of anti-Trump activists shut down a Trump rally in Chicago—sending 9,500 of his supporters home and halting movement in the center of the city in an effort to push him out;
  • At least one anti-Trump rap video has been made where the rappers yell, “F*ck Trump!” in the chorus.


Why are so many groups rallying to #DumpTrump?

In his bid to capture the hearts of conservative Republicans across the US he has called women “fat pigs” and “bimbos”. He’s called Mexicans rapists and has promised to shut down mosques, track the movement of Muslims through a national database, and deport the children of “illegal” immigrants. He’s also referred to African-Americans as thugs and has promised to increase torture methods against alleged terrorists.


Donald Trump has single-handedly alienated nearly every major, minority voting block and he’s managed to do it with a type of ruthless efficiency that would be truly admirable if it weren’t utterly abhorrent.


And now US grassroots organizations are ready to fight back.


The attack ads were pouring into Wisconsin in the form of TV ads, direct mailers, social media campaigns, automated calls, and good, old fashioned door knocking.


All of this momentum has officially put Trump’s campaign on the offensive for the first time this election cycle. Many groups looked to make the Wisconsin primary the beginning of the end for Trump’s high-flying polling numbers and popularity among the Republican base.



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The Wisconsin based PAC #NeverTrump is making headlines as they pour millions into the race to nominate, literally, anyone but Donald Trump as the 2016 Republican nominee for president. Various anti-Trump groups have called for voters to nominate Ted Cruz and over one-third of all Republicans are considering voting for a third-party candidate if Trump is the eventual nominee.



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Across the nation grassroots movements are forming with the sole intention of knocking Trump out of the number one spot in the Republican primaries. Massive amounts of money, most of which are decentralized, small donations from citizens are being funneled into the remaining primary states.


The anti-tax group Club for Growth has also gone on the attack by pumping 1 million dollars into the race in Wisconsin. That money was mostly being spent on digital and TV ads against Trump.


A third group, Our Principles PAC, which was created solely to defeat Trump has reserved 3.5 million for direct mailings, according to political tracking groups.


At this late stage in the primary election cycle, with Mr. Trump leading the pack in the number of Delegates, unlikely allies from across the political spectrum are out to knock him out of the running.


The truly stunning thing about alienating so many groups so efficiently is that the message coming from many anti-Trump groups, both liberal and conservative, are no longer simply saying, “Don’t vote Trump” but are now screaming, “Anybody BUT Trump”.



Image Credit: Flickr. Link to Photo