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Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has just released his first campaign TV ad.

The TV spot, that will run nationwide on cable networks, focuses exclusively on national security, a subject that Mr Rubio considers to be his strong suit.

Making the case that the US is engaged in a civilizational struggle with Islamic radicalism, Rubio warns:

“What happened in Paris could happen here. There is no middle ground. These aren’t disgruntled or disempowered people, these are radical terrorists who want to kill us because we let women drive, because we let girls go to school.”


After the attacks in Paris, Rubio’s main opponent Donald Trump, who has pledged to register all Muslims in the US in a centralized database if elected President, had seen his poll numbers increase substantially.

Critics immediatelly came out saying Mr Trump’s arguments didn’t hold much water and that the line he was taking could benefit Hillary Clinton in the general election, would he become the nominee.

The coming weeks will show if the ad can help Mr Rubio close the gap between himself and Mr Trump, who is still leading him by 15 points.