It is all about the Florida primaries on March 15th if Marco Rubio wants to retain any chance to stop Trump.

But it doesn’t look good for the Florida senator.

Winning would give him 99 delegates, but the latest four polls from end of February see a lead of between 12 to 19,5 percent for Donald Trump.

One poll predicts 31 percent for Trump, two others 41,44 and 45 percent.

The average is 40,3 percent for the New Yorker to only 20,8 percent for Rubio.

But Marco Rubio has gained more support in recent weeks.

Without a win in Florida and a strong showing in the south, Rubio, the darling of the GOP establishment, is out.


He can hope to deny Trump the 1237 delegates needed in the convention, by collecting delegates while Cruz also keeps cutting into Trump’s support.

Maybe by winning in Ohio, Illinois or North Carolina afterwards, there could be a path to the nomination.

This Tuesday Rubio only won Minnesota while his competitor Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas as well as Oklahoma and Alaska.


As Cruz stays in the race, and John Kasich and Ben Carson are also inexpicably still hanging around, there are still not enough segments in the Republican party to support Rubio.

Donald Trump keeps winning delegates, as the other candidate’s split the moderate vote. If this goes on, his block of 40 to 45 percent of frustrated Republicans will continue to dominate every state.