Tarek Mohamad has had enough of intolerance.

On Friday night after yet another terror attack in Munich left 10 dead, rumors were rampant about it being an Islamic terror attack. So, he wrote a Facebook post, as many people do, to express his feelings. His post has touched thousands of people, and now the ordinary Muslim man is an international sensation.

  • The post on Facebook has gotten 142,000 likes, 24,000 comments, and 73,000 shares.

  • He has been interviewed by N24 in Germany, and El Español in Spain, and has even had to create a fan page on Facebook since he was getting so many messages on his private page.

  • In the original post, in German, he says “I want to live in peace with my Turkish, German, Kurdish and Jewish brothers and sisters.”

  • His message is one of peace and tolerance, and not of blame.

  • He says he loves everyone in his country, regardless of where they are from, and that he is thankful for his life of prosperity and security in Germany.

  • Islam is a religion of peace, so he calls for Muslims to live their religion in peace among others, and not try to impose their beliefs on anyone. This message has resonated with thousands of people and the reactions have been very positive.




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