When I am the next US President:


  • The sun will orbit around me too
  • Water will be wine
  • Golden nuggets all over America
  • Peace doves will live in Iraq and the rest of the World.




  • Bombs on all our enemies – why don’t we use our nukes too?
  • The IS will lay down all weapons and IEDs and surrender to me
  • Putin, Erdogan and Kim will be my best buddies.
  • All my voters can enter The White House with guns in their hands.
  • I will make all women next to me very, very happy.


  • Hillary will be at Guantanamo Bay, as well as some reporters of the Washington Post and New York Times.
  • In each American city there will be a big Trump Tower with a statute of the president in front.
  • We all will celebrate a Trump July Day each year- as one big family.
  • China will have no more jobs from us, but the US


  • Mexico will pay $ 10 billion for The Wall and take 11 million illegal emigrants million back.
  • No more crime, no more drugs
  • You all will be richer and richer and richer
  • more to come



What a wonderful new bright Trump World will it be!

Just vote for me!