The Syrian opposition has agreed on a roadmap to peace when meeting in Saudia Arabia on thursday.

A spokesman of the alliance said that details regarding the transition in Damascus will still have to be specified. So far what was presented was an eight point plan, that promises a new start for the war torn country. The Syrian opposition had been excluded in previous talks regarding the countries future between Russia and Western powers.

Now the different factions vying for power have presented these central elements of a peaceful Syria:

1. Assad has to go. When and how exactly this will happen will be discussed in future rounds.

Syria is to be transformed into a

2. democratic

3. civilian

4. pluralistic


It will be based on

5. the rule of law

6.ensure the protection of human rights

7. fight terrorism

8. and protect Syria’s sovereignty against outside powers.

Not all factions were included in the talks. Most notably absent were representatives of the Syrian Kurdish minority, which is one of the most effective fighting forces in the battle against the Islamic State.