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A team of German reporters from famous BILD newspaper went to Iraq to see the damage done by ISIS to a city.

They visited Sinjar and came back with an impressive 360 video, you my see here from YouTube.

This video shows the true extent of that damage, and how the conflict has destroyed the lives of those who are not involved, but living in Syria.

Sinjar was taken by ISIS in late 2014 and freed by 7,500 brave Kurdish Peshmerga forces in November 2015.

After the capture the barbaric ISIS forces had killed or enslaved thousands of the Yazidi religious minority. Thousands more were trapped without food and water for weeks on Mount Sinjar until they were resued by Kurdish PKK forces.

GLOBALO’ s  film “Descendants of an Angel” tells the story of the genozide of the Yazidis at the hands of ISIS. (View the trailer here).