NATO has established unprecedented peace in Europe since its inception shortly after World War II; however, Donald Trump holds some dangerous opinions that could lead to nuclear war.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • NATO operates on a “collective defense” principle – an attack on one of its members is an attack on all of its members.
  • The US is the only country to be attacked, on Sept 11, 2001, and to use this principle.
  • Russia invaded and illegally annexed part of Ukraine, a non-NATO country, in 2014. Then it began a military buildup of troops on Russia’s western border.
  • In response, NATO placed more troops on the edge of Eastern Europe. Tensions are high.
  • Donald Trump claims he would not honor collective defense if the attacked country didn’t “pay its fair share.”
  • Experts agree that this makes Putin more likely to invade a country like Poland or Estonia.
  • Finally, American experts claim that Russia now has a force on its western border to do just that.