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Globalo has reviewed and translated a propaganda video made by the Taliban after their capture of Kunduz.

When the Taliban took Kunduz in September, the main reason for their  success was the sloppiness of the Afghan National Forces, and the ignorance of its leaders on three levels. Not that the Taliban are now stronger than the government forces.

At the time, German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen said: „When the Taliban overran Kunduz, the first, the second, and the third level of command were not present.“ In September the leadership was away celebrating the Islamic Festival of the Sacrifice or traveling abroad.

“But that won’t do. It shows the failure of the military leadership, if in a critical region like this, nobody from the senior level is there, even to tell the troops what to do”

As a consequence the radical Taliban could easily take the city.

She made clear that the defeat was not a matter of cowardice of Afghan forces. The fact that the city could be reclaimed quickly once the proper command structure had been reestablished, according to von der Leyen, showed as much.

The Taiban stayed in  Kunduz for just 15 days.  During that time they hunted down opponents, many of whom fled to the countryside. Government facilities were destroyed and military equipment stolen. Taliban prisoners were released. It took US Special Forces and the Afghan National Army two weeks to take back the city.

Globalo’s translation of the Taliban’s propaganda video about the capture of Kunduz in the north of Afghanistan in September 2015:

“By the name of God, Hey Muslims

Fight the infidels as long as the intrigue is removed from the globe and the religion is belonging to Allah (God)!

Song 1 (min. 0.44 ) : This is the land of brave men!

Song 2 (min. 0.52-2:30 ): : (Islamic) Emirate is one home, one body and one individual, Emirate is one voice, one power and one goal, Emirate is one queue, one army, one kingdom and one path. Emirate is formed, Emirate is formed, Emirate formed!our Revolution is going on, you make history and it is going on, and you are heroes and successful ones!

People slogan: Long live Mullah Mansor, king of the Muslims, long live! (Mullah Mansor is replacement of former Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar…”


Announcement (min. 02:48-4:55)

Dear viewers,

during a glorious ceremony, being hosted by Mullah Salam Akhond responsible for Mujahidin forces in Kunduz province, declared allegiance. During a gathering, several other Taliban officials were also appointed as responsible people in different areas in Kunduz province.


Mullah Haibatullah Akhondzada, a Taliban commander speaks about their mission as well as the allegiance of Mullah Mansor (min. 5:02-9:08)

By the name of God!
Reciting a verse of Quran in Arabic which means everybody dies one day, he continues: One of the main reasons of today’s gathering is to pray for the soul of our great leader Mullah Mohammad Omar who passed away, and the other reason is to receive the allegiance of our new leader Mullah Mansor. Our former leader Mullah Mohammad Omar was appointed as the leader at a time when there was oppression and terror going on all over the world, particularly in Afghanistan. Thanks to God, in this critical situation he (Mullah Mansor) was handed the responsibility of being the leader, or Caliph of the entire world. Thanks to God, he succeeded and all Muslims around the world would cooperate in our holy religion. Thanks to God, The Islamic Caliphate is alive in the World and we have selected our new leader to lead us in Jihad (holy war).  It is all from the bliss of Amiru-l-Mohminin (Mullah Omar, King of the Muslims). May God accept our prayers as he is great, May God help our new leader to carry out his job successfully! We all obey his orders as well as ask others to do so.
(At the end of the speech, they sign a letter of commitment)

The Video ends singing a song in Arabic about Afghanistan saying: “Hey Taliban, hey Taliban, hey Taliban, you are our brothers from Afghanistan, Hey Taliban, hey Taliban, hey Taliban, you are our brothers from Afghanistan” ( min 9:36-9:53 )


Signs shown in the video:

The white flag is Taliban’s flag

Emirate (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan)

The Logo in the right up corner is Taliban’s logo which states “Islamic Emirates”